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AKA The Which means of Life

“The task I’ve been given seems absurd: to wait here on earth until I no longer exist.”–Ashleigh Sensible

DIRECTED BY: Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam (“The Crimson Permanent Assurance” and animated sequences)

FEATURING: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam

PLOT: An introductory brief appended to the primary function describes a mutiny amongst older staff at an accountant agency. Then the function begins as a tank of fish with human faces ponder the which means of life. The film guarantees to elucidate that thriller in a collection of comedian sketches starting with delivery and ending with dying (and the afterlife).

Still from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983)


  • The Monty Python comedy troupe started its life in 1969 within the BBC TV present “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” The present lasted three seasons, ending in 1974, after which the Pythons launched into a collection of three function movies, of which Which means of Life was the final.
  • The Pythons refused to point out distributor Common Studios a script, as an alternative offering a poem summarizing the movie. Figuring out the crew had a built-in viewers, the studio authorised the undertaking.
  • Terry Gilliam’s phase, “The Crimson Permanent Assurance,” was initially alleged to be a sketch within the movie, nevertheless it grew to such size that it was ultimately included as a separate brief movie introducing the function.
  • The Which means of Life gained the Grand Prix (a prize second solely to the Palm d’Or) at Cannes.

INDELIBLE IMAGE: Properly, it’s apparent what the typical individual will keep in mind most about this film: that nauseating mountain of gluttony, Mr. Creosote, vomiting gallons of minestrone onto the waitstaff at a swanky French restaurant to make room for his night meal (together with one ultimate “waffer-thin mint”). As a consequence of our specific biases, nevertheless, we picked a shot from the “Find the Fish” sequence as an alternative: an elephant in a tuxedo, a person with prolonged arms, and a punk transvestite with water taps hooked up to his/her nipples.

THREE WEIRD THINGS: Fishy Python refrain; nipple spout punk; Christmas in Heaven

WHAT MAKES IT WEIRD: Monty Python have been the pioneers of recent surreal comedy; with out the groundwork they laid, there can be nothing to point out on Grownup Swim. Python is just too necessary to bizarre tradition to go unrecognized on an inventory like this, and The Which means of Life is their weirdest huge display work, the equal of an R-rated “Flying Circus” episode with nudity, blasphemy, grossout humor, absurdity, and, in fact, fish.

Unique trailer for Monty Python’s The Which means of Life

COMMENTS: Their rambunctiously foolish and absurd type of comedy has grow to be so mainstream and accepted now that it’s typically troublesome to acknowledge simply how unusual Monty Python could possibly be. Well-known sketches just like the “Cheese Shop” “The Dead Parrot,” “The Spanish Inquisition,” “The Lumberjack Song,” or my private favourite, “The Argument Clinic” (don’t contradict me) have grow to be canonized within the halls of comedy. Even non-nerds can quote giant swaths of Holy Grail or Lifetime of Brian, or sing a couple of bars of “Sit on My Face,” from reminiscence. A Python sketch even offered us with the generally accepted identify for unsolicited e-mail. However these comedy classics are mere specks picked off of a a lot weirder material. The unique TV collection flowed from scene to scene in a stream-of-collective-consciousness, typically blacking out earlier than a correct punchline, with recurring inserts like a nude organist. They reveled in a childlike silliness, mixed with superior British wit, often referencing literature and philosophy in a totally irreverent method. Episodes have been all the time served up with a dose of Terry Gilliam’s surreal animated collages, which took excessive artwork from the Previous Masters and squished it up with clip artwork and Victorian postcards right into a shamelessly vulgar (and hilarious) mishmash. It was an extended shot that such a rambling, sensible, ridiculous present was ever even allowed on the air; that it was successful is a miracle.

After a 4 season run on the BBC adopted by two hit movies, the crew was able to go their separate methods: Terry Gilliam had already begun a profitable profession as a function movie director with Time Bandits (1981), John Cleese had a solo hit with “Fawlty Towers,” and others have been concerned in their very own private tasks. The Pythons had been collectively for fourteen years at this level, they usually have been prepared for a final, irreverent hurrah/money seize. Though the troupe are primarily all on the identical sketchy web page, Gilliam supplies a little bit of a “White Album” vibe to the proceedings by going off to do his personal factor—though, to be truthful, Gilliam was probably the most tangential member of the troupe and was all the time doing his personal factor. His phase, “The Crimson Permanent Assurance,” grew so lengthy and tonally distinct that it needed to be cut up off from the primary movie to play as an introductory brief. This piece literalizes the widespread metaphors of companies as army models or crusing vessels by turning its staff it mutineers who turn into pirates raiding different firms. Speak about your hostile takeovers. Gilliam’s contribution is self-indulgent, however not in an obnoxious means—it’s extra that he’s simply working towards his craft. His obsessions listed here are with repurposing props—he turns fan blades into corsair’s scimitars and embeds an anchor in a metropolis sidewalk—and with training choreographing chaotic motion sequences. The piece is extra technically and imaginatively spectacular than it’s involving, nevertheless. Extra importantly its low-comedy whimsicality feels virtually nothing like Monty Python: you may be forgiven for considering you set the flawed Blu-ray within the participant whenever you pop in Which means of Life and “Crimson Permanent Assurance” begins enjoying as an alternative. The incongruity, nevertheless, is suitable on reflection within the context of this ramshackle revue; plus, the brief movie will make a cameo look in the primary function.

After “Assurance” ends, we’re again on monitor, such because it have been: we’re handled to the sight of the Python faces caught on goldfish our bodies as they swim round in a restaurant tank and marvel concerning the which means of life. Affecting a French accent, Eric Idle sings the “Meaning of Life” theme music to some sometimes loopy Gilliam cutout animation (together with a machine that stamps out nude clone households sporting Mickey Mouse ears), and we’re prepared for the present to start. The said theme is the Which means of Life—it’s proper there within the title—and the troupe’s technique is to comply with the levels of human life, from start via faculty to previous age, the looks of the Grim Reaper (who makes for an uncouth banquet visitor), and even the afterlife. The sketches followers speak about most are the “Every Sperm Is Sacred” musical quantity (with its refrain line of high-kicking nuns, probably the most elaborately produced Python quantity ever) and the unforgettably vile (and humorous) “Mr. Creosote” sequence, a few projectile-vomiting glutton who gorges himself at a complicated restaurant till he explodes. The TV present’s stream-of-consciousness fashion (a maternity-room sketch on “the miracle of birth” yields to a satire of Catholic contraception coverage, which evokes a joke about Protestant prudishness, which segues right into a Church service the place the pastor prays “ooh Lord, you are so big, so absolutely huge…”) stays intact. It additionally reminds us of a looser, wackier, and extra self-aware model of the method Luis Buñuel utilized in 1974’s The Phantom of Liberty; I used to be notably struck by the connection when, within the aftermath of Mr. Creosote’s last explosion, the digital camera pans over to Eric Idle’s waiter, who advises us to comply with him to study his tackle the Which means of Life.

The Which means of Life (the film, not the summary idea) additionally options probably the most unapologetically and outlandishly surreal bit within the Python canon: somewhat intermissory lark referred to as “Find the Fish.” It stars three characters straight out of a Salvador Dalí portray (if Dalí had painted punk transvestites with taps hooked up to their nipples) questioning “where is the fish?,” a sublimely random and gleefully irritating little bit of efficiency artwork that the Python-faced goldfish cheer as “terrific!” There are many different bizarre moments because the Pythons clear out their private comedy cellars. A black man unzips his pores and skin and a white man steps out. Hawaiian delicacies is served in a medieval-themed dungeon. A pink-suited man emerges from a fridge to serenades an previous lady with a lecture on cosmology, as a way of convincing her to grow to be a dwelling organ donor. Heaven is envisioned as a lodge the place it’s Christmas daily, with an everlasting flooring present that includes sequined angels parading about in Santa fits with (pretend) uncovered breasts. And there are a selection of tiny, weird particulars you may miss on a primary move, such because the “Papal Discount House,” the Rastafarian Jew ‘s Hitler mustache, or the fact that Michael Palin’s mid- and end-film hostess has a vase on her desk with a hand protruding of it. The little Easter eggs of informal surrealism scattered all through the broader absurd comedy maintain devoted weirdos coming again to the Pythons regardless of their wider acceptance by the mainstream.

However what concerning the Which means of Life (the summary idea, not the film)? The extra I give it some thought through the years, the much less sense that phrase makes. “The Meaning of Life” looks like it’s a query for a dictionary, not a thinker, and far much less for a film. I can’t even discover the “meaning” in a 90 minute movie—no less than, not in an excellent one—which is way simpler than human life. The Which means of Life guarantees to “sort it all out,” however it solely depicts a banal human existence that’s filled with vainness, mindless obedience to authority, craven cowering (“forgive us, oh Lord,for this, our dreadful toadying…”), bullying, infighting, mendacity, lacking fish, absurd paperwork, gluttony, lust, and the amazingly dumb solutions individuals provide you with to attempt to discover which means in life, all capped off, in the most effective case state of affairs, by an unimaginative afterlife of bourgeois boredom in a tropical lodge lounge. True, the film does provide a concise “meaning of life” on the finish—delivered in a gold envelope, no much less, however because the host proclaims, “it’s nothing very special.” The final line of the film’s theme music proudly proclaims “This is the Meaning of Life,” and that sly tautology could also be the perfect reply we’ll get. Uneven, sometimes startling, vulgar, intelligent, weird, pointless, and ceaselessly hilarious… that’s The Which means of Life (each the film, and the summary idea).


“‘Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life’ recalls the format of ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus,’ those wonderfully irreverent television shows – collections of mad sketches, surreal graphics and interruptions within interruptions – with which they made their initial reputation… funny but, being unreasonable, I wish it were funny from start to finish.”–Vincent Canby, The New York Occasions (contemporaneous)

“…given the weakness of movie critics for discussing what ‘level’ a movie ‘works’ on, I find myself almost compelled to ask myself, ‘At what ‘level’ does the projectile vomiting ‘work’?’ And I think the Python One-Up reply would be, dear fellow, that it rises above vulgarity and stakes out territory in the surrealistic. Anyone who takes the vomiting literally has missed the joke; the scene isn’t about vomiting, but about the lengths to which Python will go for a laugh.”–Roger Ebert, Chicago Solar-Occasions (contemporaneous)

“It’s a weird kind of fun.”–Paul Chambers, “Movie Chambers” (Blu-ray)


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Monty Python’s The Which means of Life – The illustrated screenplay additionally features a ahead, a deleted scene, and John Cleese’s correspondence concerning the film with the “Sun”

HOME VIDEO INFO: As is common with Python discs, The Which means of Life 30th Anniversary Blu-ray (purchase) is full of extras and gewgaws. It contains a commentary by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones and a second “commentary,” “Soundtrack for the Lonely,” which is simply the sound of a man (Palin) settling right into a chair, pouring a drink, sniffing, and infrequently muttering to himself (however hold listening, in case one thing else occurs). There’s additionally a brief introduction by Eric Idle, who recites the poem used to pitch the movie to Common; the deleted scenes (principally prolonged variations, however there are two utterly new sketches together with the absurd “Adventures of Martin Luther”); a 49-minute “making of” featurette; “Education Tips,” a six-minute comedian brief starring Cleese and Palin; “Un Film de John Cleese,” Cleese’s re-cut of the trailer; “Remastering the Masterpiece,” a tongue-in-cheek description of the restoration course of from Gilliam and Jones; “Song and Dance,” a featurette on the musical numbers; “Songs Unsung,” with alternate variations of the showstoppers; numerous trailers and promos; a Three-minute “Virtual Reunion”; and “What Fish Think,” a 16-minute shot of an aquarium with the surviving Pythons describing their aquatic ideas. Lastly, if all that’s not sufficient, there’s an hour-long reunion of the forged (sans the late Graham Chapman and with busy Eric Idle chiming in by way of Skype). And the Terry Gilliam-style animated menus are a deal with to observe in themselves.

The 2005 DVD (purchase) consists of solely the 2 commentary tracks, deleted scenes, and Idle prologue.

Which means of Life has been reissued many occasions, and chances are you’ll discover one other launch with barely totally different options. For instance, Common launched it in a DVD “Iconic Comedy” three-pack (purchase) with the Coen Brothers‘ The Massive Lebowski (yay!) and American Pie (eh).

Monty Python’s The Which means of Life can also be obtainable for buy or rental on-demand (lease or purchase). Personally, given how low cost the Blu-ray is (ten bucks on the time of this writing) I’d spring for the disc on this case, however you possibly can reside your personal life in your personal method if you wish to.